Sunday, February 19, 2006


The sun laughs at me on winter days
It has a secret
But it won't tell me what it is
When I ask it to tell me what's so funny
It tells me to be patient

One day I'll know what's so funny
And I won't think everyone, including the sun, is laughing at me
But instead at a great cosmic joke
Larger than me
Greater than me
Including me
But not about me

So now when I look up at the sun and I see it smiling
And at times winking
I know that one day I will learn its secret
And then and only then will I truly know how to laugh


Hi, my name is Bethany, and this is my poetry blog. I guess I should've introduced myself first before posting a couple of my poems!

I am using this blog as a kind of teacher to help me with my free verse, so that's why I call it "freeversity". I hope that through writing here on a regular basis, I can develop my poetry skills. I hope you join me on my journey.


The cold. The bleakness of my heart, my soul. The sun, staring down at me, feigning warmth. But I know its truth: It too is cold.
The clouds, pre­tend­ing they are soft.
The moon, pre­tend­ing to be all-­know­ing.
The only truth is in the glance of a fair-haired child, lost in the barefoot wonder of cotton candy.


Are we all not snowmen? Snowwomen? Snowchildren?
Do we not all melt, over time?
Are we not built up of a hope to sustain the chill of the winter air,
only to blend back into the warming earth?
The chill of the winter air keeps me alive,
but what of the warmth of the summer breeze?
Can I survive, flourish, live and love in both?
One and one, each its own way?
If I love the winter, am I betraying the summer?